Жазира тастанбекова, №69 «Бескепе» негізгі орта мектебінің

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№69 «Бескепе» негізгі орта мектебінің

ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі.

Сайрам ауданы.

The theme: Places and directions
Aim: to enlarge pupils’ knowledge about London.
Teaching aspect:to teach pupils to single out main idea.
Developing aspect: to estimate potentiality, creation of friendly atmosphere in groups.
Educational aspect:to estimate potentiality, creation of friendly atmosphere in groups.
Type of the lesson:a lesson on mastering new material.
Visual aids: pictures, tables, a diagram, «Jeopardy».
Procedure of the lesson:
1.Organization moment.
1)Greeting; routine talk.
2)T: I’ll divide you into 3 groups. We’ll work with the text about Buckingham Palace.
2.Warming up.
Unscramble and find (флипчарт1)








1. AsҮou think , what building on it pictures represented?

2.What is London? (the capital of the United Kingdom)
2.Who is the Queen? (Elizabeth II is the Queen of the United Kingdom )
3.Speaking. London Sightseeing Tour.
T: You know that London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It’s one the largest cities in the world. It’s more than 2000 years old. More than 7 million people live in London.
The Places of interest in London are:
The Tate Gallery- Тэйт галереясы
Piccadilly Circus-Пикадилли алаңы
Royal Greenwich Observatory- Корольдық Гринвич обсерваториясы
St.Paul’s Cathedral-Әулие Павел шіркеуі
Tower Bridge-Мұнаралы көпір
Trafalgar Square-Трафальгар алаңы
Hyde Park-Гайд саябағы
The Tower of London-Лондон мұнарасы
Westminster Abbey-Вестминистер шіркеуі Albert Hall-Альберт концерт залы
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben- Парламент үйі және Биг Бен мұнарасы
Buckingham Palace- Букингем Сарайы (the pictures are presented)

Today we say and know more about Buckingham Palace.

4. Presentation of the vocabulary.
Buckingham Palace- Букингем Сарайы
attraction-көз тартар
St.James’s Park-Әулие Джеймс саябағы
Queen Elizabeth II-Елизавета ІІ пат¬шайым
Windsor Castle-Виндзор Қамалы
Royal Family-король патша отбасы
Mile-миля (1609 метр)
5.Reading the text . Method «Jicsaw»

Т: Let’s take questions on the given text and check ourselves.
1) How old is «Buckingham Palace»?
2) Can anyone enter London Home?
3) What is it the Queen’s outside the Queen’s private rooms?
4) Why do tourists come to London every year?
5) What is one of the most famous buildings in the world?
6) When was it built?
7) Whose home is it?
8) What is it like?
9) In ….the Palace was opened to the public.
10)There are ….. miles of red carpet.

11)There are …..rooms in the Palace.

12)About …. People work in the Buckingham Palace.

6) you are going to London to see Buckingham Palace and to meet your English friends.

What would you like to take with you as gifts from Kazakhstan?

Ask your partner what he/she would take

7) Write 4-5 sentences about the president`s residence in Astana
9.Summing up.
a)Home task.

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