I have a great desire (дезайэ) to visit the Vatican City and that’s a wish I would like to fulfil. Vatican City is a comparatively(кәмпәративли) small area and I want to visit all the major(меджэ) places of this country

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  1. Describe your family member

My family includes my parents, two brothers and three sisters. We are a big family. I want to tell about my father. My father's name is Akarys. My father was born in 1982 in Shardara region. He works as an electrician at school. He is very hardworking and a very funny man. He always tries to please us all. I also wanted to please my father. And then I gave my father a phone for his birthday this year. He was very happy.

  1. Describe a place where you would like to travel to/ Саяхаттағыңыз келетін жерді сипаттаңыз

I have a great desire (дезайэ) to visit the Vatican City and that’s a wish I would like to fulfil. Vatican City is a comparatively(кәмпәративли) small area and I want to visit all the major(меджэ) places of this country. I have a great interest in the mysteries(мистериз) and history of Vatican City. I want to take the first-hand experiences of the historic events I heard, read and learned about this city.

  1. Tell about your household chores/ Үй шаруасы туралы айтыңыз

I usually don't do housework very often. I can't even say that I don't get involved(инволвд). I have younger sisters in my family. Most of the time they do housework. And now I live in a student house, so of course I do all the work myself. There are no difficult chores(щоз) here(һиә). Just cleaning my room is enough(инаф).

  1. Tell about shopping in your life/ Сіздің өміріңіздегі сауда туралы айтыңыз

I like shopping. I think everyone likes it. But I don't do a lot of shopping. Yes, because everything is about money. Usually I go shopping once a month and sometimes I don't. But I try to buy a lot of things in one shopping trip. I believe that women should do shopping more often.

  1. Tell how you spend your weekend/ Демалыс күндеріңізді қалай өткізетініңізді айтыңыз

I usually have a number of activities that I like to do on my day off.For instance, reading a book, cleaning my room, surfing the internet, watching a movie on television and so on. But now I don't have much free time. Most of my time is spent on homework and extra classes. And But I try to rest as much as possible on my days off.

  1. Tell about your hometown/ Туған жеріңіз туралы айтыңыз/

I was born in the small town of Saryagash. Saryagash is famous for its mineral water. In addition, the city of Saryagash is known to many people for its spas. That is, mineral water from underground is used in a therapeutic way here. That is why vacationers flock to the resort from different regions of Kazakhstan, even from abroad.

  1. Are you a pessimist or optimist? Describe what kind of person you are./ Сіз пессимистсіз бе, әлде оптимистсіз бе? Қандай адам екеніңізді сипаттаңыз.

I consider myself an optimist. The most interesting thing is that I recently joined the ranks of optimists. Until recently, I was a pessimist. And the change in my thoughts was influenced by my environment and the happenings. I learned to take life lightly. I was able to change my tendency to worry too much. I like to be an optimist and I think that's a good thing.

  1. Tell about your dream/ Арманыңыз туралы айтыңыз

First of all, my dream is to graduate from university with honors in the future. Then I want to study the master's degree abroad. That's why I dream of learning English at a high level. I want to travel the whole world, learn many languages ​​and develop my horizons. For now, I dream about these for the future.

  1. Describe your family holiday/ Отбасылық мерекеңізді сипаттаңыз

My family and I always spend time together, especially in the summer.Together we will go to the mountains, to the hot springs, to various places of rest.When mom and dad are on vacation, the first thing we do is harvest the whole crop, then we all go to the mountains together, cook a barbecue there and have a good time together.

  1. What is happiness for you?/ Сіз үшін бақыт деген не?

Happiness is more than a good feeling.Happiness is being contented with what you have. It's a feeling of satisfaction from what you've accomplished. Being happy is within your state of mind, everybody have their own definition of happiness. For me, it's stability where everything just stays the same, peace, my family and friends.

  1. Tell why people learn English. Give reasons./ Адамдар ағылшын тілін не үшін үйренетінін айтыңыз. Себептерді көрсетіңіз./

I want to improve my language skills by speaking English. English is a world language spoken everywhere. I want to travel around the world, for that I need to know English. I want to visit UK Australia and New Zealand

  1. Describe your relationship with your relatives/ Туыстарыңызбен қарым-қатынасыңызды сипаттаңыз

My relationship with my relatives is neither bad nor good, more precisely, I communicate with them so closely. After entering the university in Almaty, I almost do not see them and do not communicate. I am at university everyday and they are at work on weekends, we are also busy. We will see each other at some events

  1. Tell about Murthy’s law / Мерти заңы туралы айтыңыз

Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." In some formulations, it is extended to "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time."

  1. Tell about your phobia/ Фобияңыз туралы айтыңыз

I am afraid of poisonous snakes, because their venom is deadly to humans. I also do not like insects such as cockroaches, crickets, ants, because they are very small and ugly for me. I also fear the evil dogs that bark and thrown at people for no reason, so I try to stay away from them.

  1. Tell about famous person you know/ Өзіңіз білетін атақты адам туралы айтыңыз

One of the great actors who made a strong impression on me is Will Smith. I think he is a brilliant actor with a lot of talent. All his characters are bright individual and the will places them perfectly well. Today he is called one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood. to my mind Will is the most fascinating actor and producer.

  1. Describe your favorite sport/ Өзіңіздің сүйікті спорт түріне сипаттама беріңіз

Tennis is a very interesting sport, and it is my favorite sport. This is because playing tennis is really cool, and it needs many high-toned skills. There are many rules, which you should follow. Tennis is an Olympic sport and it is played at all levels of society and at all ages. Most of all, it only requires two persons to play.

  1. Are you a morning or an evening person?/ Сіз таңертең немесе кешкі адамсыз ба?

I consider myself an evening person. Because I can't go to sleep until late at night. I know it's wrong, but I don't do it on purpose. There were even days when I couldn't sleep until morning. I didn't pay attention to it at first, but now I'm getting used to a proper sleeping pattern.

  1. Describe things invented by women/ Әйелдер ойлап тапқан нәрселерді сипаттаңыз

Home Security System
Marie Van Brittan Brown’s home security system for closed-circuit television security, patented in 1969, was intended to help people ensure their own security, as police were slow to respond to calls for help in her New York City neighbourhood.

  1. Tell about subjects you liked and hated at school/ Мектепте өзіңізге ұнайтын және жек көретін пәндер туралы айтыңыз

Since my school days, physics was my favorite subject. I would feel great when I passed my favorite subject. And our physics teacher was amazing. I think it was that teacher who opened my interest in physics. And there were subjects that I didn't like. For example, I did not like the subject of "self-awareness" at all. I consider studying that subject to be a waste of time. We didn't like our class and that subject, not just me.

  1. Tell about a funny story that happened with you/ Өзіңізбен болған күлкілі оқиғаны айтыңыз

Funny events often happen in our lives. But some events are so special that we cannot forget them at all. I have a few funny stories. One day when I was 7 years old, I was walking home from school holding my mother's hand, and she bought me an ice cream, and I was so interested in it that I grabbed another person's hand and walked away. The ice cream was so sweet that I didn't recognize my mother's hand.

  1. Describe your favorite dish or food item/ Өзіңіздің сүйікті тағамыңызды немесе тағамды сипаттаңыз

My favorite food is soup. It is warm and tasty and it makes you feel excellent.I like almost all kinds of soup, but one of my favorite is the chicken noodle soup. It is very tasty and it is also well known that it is the best remedy for cold and flu. I can eat it almost every day, but usually I eat it twice per week at lunch.

  1. Describe one of your best friends/ Ең жақсы достарыңыздың бірін сипаттаңыз

I have a lot of friends. But my best friend is the only one. His name is Arai. We have been friends since we were four years old. I like his care and kindness. I can tell him all my secrets, and he to me. Sometimes we get frustrated. He is always the first to apologize. We always dreamed of going to the same university, but it didn't happen. But our friendship still continues. We have been friends for fifteen years now.

  1. Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

Health is the most important thing. To maintain it, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is an action that benefits a person's health. They need to eat right, sleep on time, play sports, read books, eat vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water. You need to make these activities a habit. Only then will people live a long and healthy life.

  1. Describe what you usually do in your leisure time/ Бос уақытыңызда әдетте немен айналысатыныңызды сипаттаңыз

Well, there are a number of activities which I love to do when I have free time. For instance, reading a book, cleaning my room, surfing the internet, watching a movie on television and so on. But now I don't have much free time. Most of my time is spent on homework and extra classes. And I try to rest as much as possible on weekends.

  1. Describe an interesting hobby

My hobby is watching a horror movie. I've been watching horror movies since I was a small kid. I remember that my interest in the horror movie has been there since my childhood. I don't know which was the first horror movie. I saw because I have seen too many of them now but whenever I get a chance to watch to movie I just see it.

  1. Describe a film you would like to recommend to your friend/ Досыңызға ұсынғыңыз келетін фильмді сипаттаңыз

One of my favorite movies is Kash. This is a domestic historical film. The film "Kash" shows the soul of a person in the time of famine and tells how the famine was a difficult period for the Kazakh nation. This is a very meaningful film. That's why I recommend watching this movie

  1. Describe a picture

  2. Tell about your last holiday / Өткен демалысыңыз туралы айтыңызъ

Last weekend the whole family went to the Imaginary World park. We went there early and stood in line. We all went inside and rode the rides. Interestingly, you can go there in the morning and leave in the evening. There are also places to eat. Then we sat down and ate. We were there until evening. We took many photos. That day we had a special time with my family.

  1. Describe your favorite photo/

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