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Academic writing
The Basic Characteristics of Scientific English
Scientific English
Characteristics of Scientific English
1) Scientific writing must be clear.
2) Scientific writing must be concise.
3) Scientific writing must be accurate.
4) Scientific writing must be “easy to read”.
5) Scientific language must be objective.
The words ‘Scientific English’ often conjure up convoluted, impenetrable sentences in
the mind’s eye. What if I told you that it should not be this way? What if I said that Scientific
Language (of any kind) should actually be easy for almost anyone to read? Would you call me
crazy? Before getting into Scientific English, we need to understand a bit about why it exists and
what it does. So what is it? Scientific writing is writing that follows certain characteristics,
allowing scientists to communicate with each other easily to spread ideas, findings, and
discoveries. For this reason, scientific writing in any language needs to the obey follow of the
following rules: The irony of this cartoon is overwhelming. Some principal investigators will
actually say these words to colleagues and up-and-coming scientists, such as PhD and Masters
Students, when they go to publish a paper. THIS IS THE WORST THING THEY COULD DO!
Characteristics of Scientific English
1) Scientific writing must be clear.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most important characteristics of scientific writing. While
literature may be flowery and poetic with many complex meanings, scientific writing CANNOT
follow the same principles. Why? Other scientists need to be able to follow and replicate your
work. If there are any ambiguous meanings, you could end up killing people, especially in
clinical studies. This is unacceptable!
2) Scientific writing must be concise.
Concise does not necessarily mean short. It means you don’t include additional, irrelevant
information. If you are talking about prokaryotic bacteria, talking about cell nuclei (which only
eukaryotic cells have) and cell walls (plants and some other eukaryotic cells) is beyond the cope
and adds no value. This is especially true when introducing the topic.

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