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) Scientific writing must be accurate

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3) Scientific writing must be accurate.
This goes back to ethics in science. DO NOT FABRICATE RESULTS. DO NOT MAKE UP
INFORMATION. If someone founds out, your reputation will be ruined and all credibility will
be lost. Also, if someone tries to follow your experimental method and can’t due to inaccuracies,
no matter how good the rest of the writing is, instantly makes your writing a bad example of
scientific writing.
4) Scientific writing must be “easy to read”.
With this, I do not mean that even a five-year-old should be able to understand your research
(although if they do, even better). Scientific writing uses specific terminology for very specific
things that very few people might understand. “Easy to read” means that the rest of the writing is
not complex. A reader unknowledgeable about the subject should be using a dictionary or
reference material to figure out terms they do not understand. They should not be trying to figure
out exactly what you are referring to with a verb that is on the other side of a sentence from the
subject or object because of how you wrote it. If the sentence becomes slightly hard to

understand, it is a guarantee that someone will misunderstand what is written. Write sentences as
simply as possible!
Home assignment: a) Retell the text "Oral cavity"
b) Remember the new Terms

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