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Г. Литература


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Тема 17. English-speaking countries
A. Задания для самостоятельной работы

1. Изучите материал пособия «Travelling over English-speaking countries» (см. список литературы к теме № 17) и внесите в таблицу информацию о следующих странах:

1) США; 2) Канада; 3) Австралия; 4) Новая Зеландия.


Государственный статус



Официальный язык


Административное деление


Глава правительства

Глава государства

Национальные символы




Крупные города



Флора и фауна



Моря и океаны


Полезные ископаемые

Производимые продукты

2. Изучите материал таблицы и подготовьте сообщение об одном из крупных городов США.


Special features

Washington DC

is a city of symbols: the Capitol building; the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials; the Washington Monument; a city of institutions: the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Library of Congress; the Supreme Court; the National Zoological Park; the Smithsonian Institution – the largest complex of museums in the world; the National Air and Space museum; a city of art: Hirschhorn and Freer museums, Corcoran Gallery of Art; the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Modern Art; the Folger Shakespeare Library; Vietnam War Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial

New York

the largest America city; skyscrapers; Broadway is the theatre capital of the nation; Radio City Music Hall; Times Square; Manhattan; the Empire State Building; the Chrysler Building; the Met Life Building; Soho; Chinatown; Little Italy; Greenwich Village; Wall Street; Rockefeller Center; Grand Central Terminal; New York Stock Exchange; the Julliard School of Music; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Guggenheim Museum; New York waterfront; a ferry to Staten Island; the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, New York’s zoo; the United Nations Building; the Statue of Liberty

San Francisco

is located on the San Francisco Bay in Northern California; the beautiful rocky coast; the Golden Gate Bridge; parks, fountains, gardens, old buildings; the Haight-Ashbury district – was the center of American’s Hippi movement in the 1960s; Chinatown; Monterrey, Santa Cruz, Big Sur; Spanish architecture; surfing, sailing, swimming; seafood restaurants


the second largest city in the US; the ‘most American’ city; the second largest industrial center; lies on the banks of lake Michigan; the country’s greatest railway center where 38 railroads meet; the largest stockyards in the country; the largest corn market


is a vacation wonderland; thousands of magnificent homes; boating; shopping, waterskiing, sightseeing, dancing, dining; a metropolis of business and trade; a vital link between North and Latin America; Opa Locka, with its Arabian Nights architecture; beautiful Spanish and Moorish influenced architecture; the restored hotels of South Miami Beach


the fifth largest city in the US; was the capital of the US from 1776 to 1880; colonial heritage; old streets and colonial houses; the University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin; the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum; Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell; a lively night life

Santa Fe

is the capital of New Mexico; the second oldest cities in the US; the Santa Fe Ski Area, the Tao ski valley; the Santa Fe Railroad; is a city of museums, galleries, arts, crafts; the Museum of Fine Arts; the Museum of Indian Arts and Crafts, the Museum of New Mexico; the Wheelwright Museum of The American Indian; the Plaza; is a treasure house of dramatic sculpture; the Western cowboy culture; the Sindoni Foundry and Glassworks; beautiful churches, missions and monasteries; the San Miguel Mission; the Loretto Chapel


is the capital of Massachusetts; a great seaport and maritime center; a lot of old houses and mansions; is a city of waterfronts, fishing, sailing, and a wonderful place to relax; the Boston Commons; Faneuil Hall Marketplace; is educational capital of America: Harvard College, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Boston College; Boston University; Emerson University, Tufts University; is a city of sports: the Boston Marathon; the best seafood in America; Boston’s Newbury St. is a shopping capital; classical and popular music

New Orleans

is located in southeastern Louisiana; is American’s most “European” city with strong French, African and Caribbean heritage; located on the Mississippi river: extensive shipping traffic; restored plantations; jazz; food; the Mardi Gras (Carnival)


is a city of water; the 185-meter-high Space Needle; an impressive skyline; a city of parks and recreation; is a green city; fountains; waterfronts; fish and seafood markets; seafood restaurants; Mount Ranier – part of the Cascade Range of mountains


is the capital of Colorado; coal, oil, gas

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